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The Hotel Eureka*** Staff would like to thank in advance for respecting our policy.
Our regulations are aiming to provide all Guests with a peaceful and safe experience.


  1. The policy is defining the regulations on service provision, responsibilities, and Guests’ stay at Eureka Sp. z o.o. and it is an integral part of the agreement, which is in effect from the time of check-in, while the Guest presents their photo ID and signs the registration card at the Front Desk. By accomplishing the previously mentioned tasks, the Guest confirms that they are familiar with the policy and they fully accept our terms and conditions.
  2. The policy applies to all of the Guests staying at Hotel Eureka***
  3. The policy is available at the Front Desk and it is also placed in every room.The rooms at Hotel Eureka*** are rented only for overnight stays.
  4. If the Guest doesn’t specify the time of their stay while the reservation is made, the assumption is made that it is an overnight stay.
  5. The check in time is 02:00 p.m. and check out is at 12:00 (noon) the following day.


  1. The Guest who intends to prolong their stay at Hotel Eureka*** is required to discuss it with the Front Desk no later than 10:00 a.m. of the initial departure day.
  2. The extension of the Guest’s stay is based on current availability of rooms and extra charges will be applied.


  1. The Guest cannot give access to their room to any third parties, even after the extra fees are applied.
  2. The Guests that are not registered (haven’t signed the Guest Registration Card), are allowed to stay in the room from 07:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m., afterwards extra fee of 40 PLN will be applied.
  3. Every Guest and their Visitors are responsible for any kind of damage done to the rooms or amenities. Hotel Eureka*** holds a right to refuse to admit Guests that previously caused damage to our facility or other Guests.


  1. The service Hotel Eureka*** provides is according to its standard. Any complaints about the quality of our service should be discussed as soon as possible, so the action can be taken immediately.
  2. The facility is required to provide the Guests with:
    • High quality of Guest services.
    • Guest’s safety throughout their stay and keeping the Guest’s personal information secret.
    • Room service and room maintenance while the Guests are absent. We will perform those tasks in the Guest’s presence only if we are asked to do so.
    • High quality technical service; if any damages are observed that cannot be immediately fixed, Eureka will do everything in its power to, if possible, change the Guest’s room or find another way to make up for the Guest’s inconvenience.


By request, Hotel Eureka*** offers the following services, free of charge:

  1. Providing Guests with information about Hotel Eureka*** and local attractions.
  2. Wake up calls.
  3. Keeping the Guest’s luggage the day of check-in and check-out, however, Hotel Eureka*** holds a right to refuse keeping Guest’s luggage for different days than those mentioned. We might also refuse keeping items that do not resemble luggage.


  1. Hotel Eureka* is responsible for loss or damage of things brought in by people using Hotel Eureka’s* services according to the prescription of the article 846-852 of the Civil Code, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.
  2. Hotel Eureka’s*** responsibility for the loss or damage of money, valuables or objects of scientific or artistic value is limited according to the article 849 §1 of the Civil Code, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. Valuable items Guests should store in a room in a safe.
  3. The Guest should inform Front Desk about the occurrence of the damage immediately after its detection.


Hotel Eureka*** is not responsible for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest parked in the parking space in front of the building.


  1. In Hotel Eureka*** quiet time at night is from 10:00 p.m. until 07:00 a.m. the next day.
  2. Guests and other Hotel Eureka*** visitors should not disturb the calm stay of other Guests. Breaking this rule results in penalty of 450 PLN.
  3. Hotel Eureka*** reserves the right to refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates the peace at night.


Smoking cigarettes or electronic cigarettes in Hotel Eureka*** is strongly prohibited. This also applies to smoking in rooms and balconies. Please be aware that not applying to this regulation is under additional charge of 450 PLN.


  1. Each time while leaving the room, the Guest should check if the doors to their room are properly locked. For the reasons of security we also ask you to make sure that the TV and lights are off, and there is no running water in the bathroom. We would appreciate if the key card is returned to the Front Desk prior to departure.
  2. Children under 16 years should be in Hotel Eureka*** with a legal guardian. Legal guardians are financially responsible for any damage caused by children.
  3. The Guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of Hotel Eureka’s*** objects, equipment and technical devices caused by his/her fault or the fault of people visiting him/her.
  4. For reasons of fire safety, it is forbidden to use heaters and other similar devices other than the ones that the room is equipped with. The above prohibition does not apply to electric irons provided to Guests by Hotel Eureka***. The Guest is obliged to using special attention when handling the provided electric iron and is responsible for switching it off after ironing and not leaving it unattended while it is turned on.


Personal belongings left in the room after check-out can be sent by Guest request to the indicated address; the Guest is responsible for the costs of the shipment. If we do not hear from the Guest, Hotel Eureka*** will keep these items for 3 months, afterwards Eureka reserves the right to destroy them.