Pet policy

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  1. Hotel Eureka*** in Sopot welcomes guests with dogs only outside the high season, that is, in the months from 1 October to 15 April. The Hotel does not allow pets other than dogs.
  2. The Hotel Guest is required to obtain the Hotel’s permission for the stay with a dog when making a reservation.
  3. Accommodation of Hotel Guests with a dog is possible only in rooms designated for this purpose. In their absence, it will not be possible to admit the animal
  4. When making a reservation, it is necessary to specify the breed of the dog. Hotel Eureka***reserves the right to refuse entry to dogs whose breed is generally considered threatening or aggressive or whose weight exceeds 5 kg.The admission of larger dogs is possible only upon personal contact and approval of the Hotel management
  5. The charge for the stay of dogs is payable according to the current price list of additional services.
  6. The Hotel accepts healthy, dewormed dogs with a health booklet that includes all the up-to-date mandatory vaccinations. Hotel Eureka***has the right to ask you to present your dog’s vaccination record and may refuse to accept a sick dog. In addition, the owner of the dog will be required to declare that the dog is healthy and does not pose a threat to other people or animals.
  7. In all common access areas, the Owner is required to keep the dog on a leash and wearing a muzzle. It is strictly prohibited to bring a dog into the spa and recreational facilities.
  8. Should the bedding, mattress, carpeting or other furnishings of the room where the dog has been staying be soiled (hair, mud) or damaged by the dog, the Owner is obliged to cover the cost of the damage caused to the amount determined by the Management of Hotel Eureka***.
  9. It is forbidden to use hotel towels and bed linen as well as hotel tableware to accommodate your dog’s needs, or to allow your dog access to the bed and on the sofas, and for the dog to take care of its physiological needs in the room.
  10. The Dog Owner is required to bring their own dog bed and bowls for water and food for the dog.
  11. The Owner is liable for any material damages due to the behavior of their dog. Any damage caused by the dog to the property of Hotel Eureka*** or to the property of other hotel guests, as well as soiling requiring additional work by hotel staff, will be evaluated by the hotel, and their costs will be charged to the pet owner.
  12. The owner is responsible for keeping his dog quiet in the room and not disturbing other hotel guests. In the event of repeated complaints from hotel Guests or staff, the hotel reserves the right to demand the removal of the dog from the Hotel premises. In extreme circumstances, when contact with the Owner will not be possible, the Hotel management reserves the right to have staff members enter the Guest’s room, also with the possible help of the relevant services and take the dog to the nearest animal shelter. All costs resulting from the above actions are covered by the Owner of the animal.
  13. When leaving your dog alone in the room, please make sure to leave a tag attached to the door handle, on the outside of the door. The tags are available at the front desk of Hotel Eureka***.
  14. For safety reasons, housekeeping of the room where the dog is staying is done only in the presence of the Owner or when the dog is not in the room. To arrange a convenient time, please contact the Hotel staff.
  15. The dog Owner is obliged at all times to clean up the excrement left by their pet.
  16. The Owner of the dog is responsible for complying with the Hotel rules and regulations regarding the observance of quiet hours in the hotel and not disturbing other guests.
  17. The Owner declares that they have read the rules and regulations for the stay of animals in Hotel Eureka*** and accept them.