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Hotel policy

The Hotel Eureka*** Staff would like to thank in advance for respecting our policy. Our regulations are aiming to provide all Guests with a peaceful and safe experience.

§1 General provisions

  1. The Regulations set out the rules of using parking places on the premises of the car park located in Sopot at 7/9/11 Emilii Plater Street at the Eureka Hotel*** (hereinafter referred to as the: Hotel)
  2. The car park is unguarded, paid, continuously monitored, open 24 hours for the entire year.
  3. The car park is intended only for Guests of the hotel (hereinafter referred to as the: User). The User shall not only be considered a vehicle driver, but also a passenger of vehicle and vehicle owner.
  4. By entering the car park, the User being a vehicle driver concludes with the Manager of the parking lot an agreement for using a parking place for a payment (rental agreement), on the terms laid down herein. By entering the premises of the car park, each User gives their consent to the terms hereof and undertakes to comply with them.
  5. The parking places are made accessible under a rental agreement in the twenty-four-hour system.
  6. Earlier contact with the Hotel reception and reservation of a place are the guarantee of renting the given parking place.
  7. The car park is not guarded and does not have protections against unauthorised access. The Hotel ensures general supervision over vehicles only on the premises of the car park:
    • by separating and enclosing the site for good (with a fence and gate),
    • by means of a barrier securing the entry and exit,
    • by means of monitoring supporting the supervision of the entry to the car park and parking site.
  8. If you leave a vehicle in the car park, you do not conclude a storage agreement, in the meaning defined by Article 835 of the Civil Code.

§2 Hotel’s liability

The Hotel does not bear liability for loss of or damage to mechanical vehicles located on the premises of the car park, as well as does not incur liability for loss of or damage to items left in the vehicles and outside thereof, excluding damage caused through the Hotel’s fault.

§3 User’s liability

  1. The User bears liability for damage done by them to the Hotel or third parties on the premises of the car park.
  2. The User bears liability for polluting the car park as a result of leaks of fuel, oil and other vehicle technical fluids, as well as other pollution caused through the User’s fault.
  3. The User is obliged to immediately, before leaving the car park, inform the Hotel (by providing information to a staff member of the Hotel reception) of the caused damage, referred to in § 3(1) and (2) hereof.
  4. For the time of leaving a vehicle in the parking lot the User is obliged to lock the mechanical vehicle parked in the car park and use security systems possessed.

§4 Parking fee

  1. While entering the car park, the User is obliged to report this fact at the Hotel reception and give a vehicle registration number.
  2. The parking fee amounts to PLN 50 gross per 24h.
  3. The parking fee also concerns vehicles used by disabled people and vehicles having a permit to park on public roads.
  4. If a vehicle occupies more than one parking place, an additional fee shall be charged in the amount of the parking fee for an additional parking place occupied.
  5. The vehicle parking fee shall be paid by the User at the latest before leaving the parking lot at the Hotel reception.

§5 Terms and conditions of using the car park

  1. The car park is intended for passenger cars up to 3.5 tons only, whose Users make a payment for renting the parking place.
  2. Vehicles can be parked only on the parking places designated for this purpose, except for places reserved for particular entities and appropriately marked.
  3. A vehicle left in a forbidden place or a reserved place or a place blocking the exit of a vehicle of another car park user may be towed away at the cost and risk.
  4. The User is obliged:
    • to secure a vehicle against unauthorised access and to apply security systems possessed,
    • not to leave items in a vehicle not forming the factory equipment thereof,
    • to inform the Hotel reception staff if there is a need to store valuable items,
    • to comply with vertical and horizontal road signs in the premises of the car park,
    • to comply with dos and don’ts of the Hotel staff.
  5. In the case of a threat to life or health or property of considerable value, the Hotel is entitled to remove a vehicle from the parking site.

§6 Safety and security provisions

  1. The User is obliged to observe the road traffic regulations laid down in the Road Traffic Law Act of 20 June 1997 (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2020, item 110, as amended)
  2. On the premises of the car park there is a traffic zone and maximum speed limit for vehicles, i.e. 10 km/h.Na terenie parkingu obowiązuje strefa ruchu oraz maksymalna prędkość poruszania się pojazdów do 10 km/h.
  3. If children, persons requiring care, disabled persons or animals are left in a locked vehicle, the Hotel is entitled to open the vehicle by force without a necessity to obtain its User’s consent.
  4. On the premises of the Hotel’s car park it is forbidden to:
    • smoke and use naked flame, as well as consume alcohol and intoxicants,
    • store fuels, flammable substances and empty fuel containers,
    • fuel vehicles, replace technical fluids, repair, wash, clean a vehicle,
    • leave a car with an engine ON,
    • park vehicles with untight systems,
    • leave children, disabled persons or animals in a vehicle unattended,
    • breach public order (e.g. by making noise on purpose, performing or playing loud music),
    • carry out on the premises of the car park any promotional, advertising actions, service activities or trade activities without the Hotel’s consent,
    • pollute the car park, pick flowers, destroy car park equipment and information boards.
  5. Any and all damage to vehicles shall immediately be reported by the User at a police station (phone number: 997) and at the Hotel reception.

§7 Processing of personal data

The Controller of personal data of Guests / Users of the car park is Eureka Sp. z o.o. ul. Emilii Plater 7/9/11, 81-777 Sopot, who can be contacted by email:

§8 Final provisions

  1. The parking site is an integral part of the Eureka Hotel***, the Manager of which is Eureka Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Sopot, 81-77 Sopot, ul. Emilii Plater 7/9/11, telephone: +48 58 551 30 16, registered in the District Court for Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000703958, NIP [Tax ID No.]: 585-148-04-5, share capital of PLN 25,000.00.
  2. The Hotel does not provide for a special course of processing potential complaints of Users. The Hotel’s liability towards Users of the car park shall be based on applicable legal provisions, in particular the Civil Code.
  3. Any and all claims related to the parking agreement should be lodged to the Hotel in writing within the time limits and in the manner required by relevant provisions of law, in particular provisions of the Civil Code.
  4. The common court of law having jurisdiction over the registered office of the Hotel’s Manager shall be the court competent to settle potential disputes which may arise from the rental agreement.
  5. Any and all damage in transport on the premises of the car park shall be liquidated as part of the mandatory TPL insurance of the damage perpetrator.
  6. Remarks and reservations concerning the car park shall be reported to the Hotel reception.
  7. The text of the present Regulations is available at the Hotel reception and on the Hotel’s website:
  8. The Regulations have been approved by the Manager of the Eureka Hotel*** in Sopot and have been in force since 1 January 2022.
  9. The Manager reserves the right to amend the present Regulations.